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Yes, that is us - We are a bunch of crazy innovators who happen to work in an advertising agency in Mauritius! We can be considered as the modern mad men who can compete against any Communication Agencies in Mauritius as we provide strategies that hook your target audience. We have the skills to read, dissect, and predict market trends. As Digital Marketing is growing in prominence locally and regionally, we are working hard to establish Panda & Wolf as the best Digital Marketing Agency in Mauritius. We always believed that things could be done in a different way. We challenge the status quo by challenging ourselves first, carefully craft our solutions in order to exceed your expectations. We are data driven.

So what do we actually do?


We offer exceptional service with complimentary hugs.

branding & identity

We take the Branding process to a whole new level of precision and creativity. A committed step by step design process right from RESEARCH to the FINAL outcome is followed throughout the Branding of your Company.

web development & SEO

We not only know how to be creative, but also to be the geeks necessary! Creative Website design, user friendly layouts and customized features are few of the many things we provide. What's more is the SEO methodology that we use to drive traffic to your website and increase your visibility in this digital world wide web!

mobile App development

In a world of Instant services, who would not want their enterprises or services at their fingertips? Discuss with our team and develop your concept into a custom made mobile application. From the development to hosting and managing the backend, we serve the best Mobile Application options suitable for your business.

Digital Marketing with AI

We strive at making your Brand part of the daily life of your Customers and reach New Markets on a Global Level. From Digital Marketing to Social Media Management we make your Business transit Digitally with the Use of Artificial Intelligence and Emotion Analysis to better segment your audience.



Fresh portfolio of designs that will keep you wanting more.

ADECCO (Mauritius)

Press Design (Print)



GOLD MODELS (Mauritius)

Augmented Reality

South African Airways(Mauritius)

Augmented Reality




Mobile App


News and Press Releases about Panda & Wolf's Innovations

How Augmented Reality drives more Sales

Augmented Reality is the new technology Businesses should admit when planning their Marketing. With More than 50% of smartphones owners using the mobile platform to purchase online and the production marketing growing more and more...

Les gradués peu intéressés à rejoindre la fonction publique (www.Lepoint.mu)

La société Panda and Wolf, basée à Maurice, a publié un rapport détaillé sur les profiles des utilisateurs mauriciens sur le réseau social Facebook. Un exercice rendu possible grâce à l’utilisation des logiciels d’intelligence artificielle.

Q & A with The Team

Get some insights from the Head of Panda & Wolf AdTech Agency. Are you a young Graduate? A Business Manager looking for the right kind of Marketing and Advertising? We answer all your queries and guide you to the best strategy for your Business


Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.


Chief Executive Officer

Highly Energetic - People Influencer - The Guardian - Brand Ambassador - Watches Every Move You Make - Will Do Anything For Food - You Can't Escape Frank

Veda Lolge

Head of Design

Typography Expert - Creative and Imaginative - Alien Conspiracy Know it All - All Things Mystical - Icecream Fanatic - This is the Fifth Veda

Brian Dean

Creative Director

Not From This Planet - Forecasts Events Before They Happen - Unconventional Individual - Will Make Success Out of Nothing

Stephane Augustin

Head of Business Intelligence

Smells of Motivation - Meditative Individual - The Executor of Plans - Man of Contacts - Can Drown in Black Coffee at Every Chance

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